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Probably the fruitiest jams in the world, we boost the fruity taste of guilt-free goodness on your spoon.

Multi Award Winning Jams

Blackberry Jam on Pancakes

Fruity Jams are Perfect for

Pancakes, Porridge, Baking, Waffles, Yogurt - and much Mór

What customers say about Mór Taste:

"It's fecking delicious."

"How do they manage to make it so fruity?"

"Actually tastes like fruit."

"This made me realise how sweet other jam actually is."

"It's the nicest jam I've tasted yet."


There are other jams that are made with fruit only. Why should I chose Mór Taste?


Other brands add concentrated fruit juices (such as unsweetened grape juice), which is nothing else than - sugar. Mór Taste is currently the only brand in Ireland that actually reduces the sweetness to a minimum creating that fruity but less sweet taste.

Do you add sweeteners?


We would never add sweeteners or other artificial ingredients to our jams. Instead, we simply use more real fruit, no concentrates.

By increasing the fruit content, Mór Taste tastes fruitier and doesn't need any added sweetness. More fruit and less sweetness - Yum!

How do you preserve the jams? You need sugar for preservation, right?


You don't necessarily need sugar for preservation. Through pasteurisation, the jam is preserved well as long as it's closed.

However, after opening, you should use a clean spoon to prevent nasty microorganisms from getting into the jar (Mór Taste is jam-packed with real fruit, even microorganisms prefer it over regular jams). When using a clean spoon and keeping it closed in the fridge, your jam should be good to eat for a few weeks.

Our jam is great with...

Being very low in sugar and tasting so incredibly fruity, Mór Taste is great on bread but also perfect with

Raspberry Jam on Toast

Bread and Toast

A little softer than other jams, Mór Taste is great on any type of bread or toast.

Blackberry Jam on Pancakes


Use as a filling or just smother over freshly made pancakes. Yummy.

Strawberry Jam on fruit scones

Freshly baked scones

A warm scone, freshly made with cream (or butter?) and topped with Mór Taste. 😋


Lower in sugar, Mór Taste is perfect for baking.

Plum Jam on a wooden spoon

Straight from the spoon

With Mór Taste, there's nothing to hold you back. Low in sugar but very high in fruit, you can just eat it straight away.

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